Montgomery Central Elementary School can be traced back to the purchasing of 101 acres in December 1939 by the Montgomery County Board of Education. The cost of our land was $5.00! A small school was built, and as other smaller schools closed, our population grew. In 1969, grades 7-12 moved to the new high school, leaving Montgomery Central Elementary with grades 1-6, and a total of approximately 500 students. James Gannaway was our first principal. In 1971, a Kindergarten program was implemented.

From 1972 until 1985, Betty Cobb served as principal. In 1976, a new building with modern facilities was constructed. The older structure was demolished in 1983, and a new structure was built to accommodate the needs of the growing student population. In 1983, Montgomery Central Elementary School was completed as a modern learning facility that accommodated students K-6. Nancy Grant served as principal from 1985 to 2017. The current principal, Loralee BeCraft, has been at MCES since 2017.